Girls are quick to say “all men are dogs”, but they fail to realize that dogs are loyal as long as you treat them right.

Life can be some much better.. but so much worst.

As days pass I give a fuck about things less.

Yeah! Real niggas. ALL day! Just me. By myself. On the block. Holdin it down. Gun in my waist. Straight face. All day. Not a game. In jail. By myself. 1 bed. No pillow case. 1 pillow. Didnt nobody write me. It was early. Woke up. Went back to sleep. Took a nap. You ever go night night nigga?


Are people ever really “sorry”? Or just sorry they got caught, or just sorry that you happened to get hurt during the process of whatever they were doing? “Sorry” doesn’t mean shit. It’s just a word. Anyone can say it. 

Sometimes it’s best just to be alone.

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